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Subscription website terms and conditions contents:

  1. Introduction: consent to website terms and conditions: express; website user minimum age.

  2. Copyright notice: Ownership of rights found within this website belong to Kyle Poehls. Contact owner for questions pertaining to all rights.

  3. Permission to use website: license to use this website is strictly for blogging and advertising purposes. All contact information submitted to this website will ONLY be stored in this website’s files.

  4. Misuse of website: This website will not abuse or misuse ANY personal contact information submitted to this website for subscription purposes

  5. Registration and accounts: for any inappropriate uses, languages, inputs, and/or names submitted to this website may be discarded/removed from the website at the website owner’s discretion.

  6. User login details: all personal details will be kept confidential. An email will be immediately sent if there is a loss of personal passwords. Once a “loss of passwords” notification is sent out, it is at the user’s discretion for course of action.

  7. Cancellation and suspension of account: the user can cancel their subscription at any point.

  8. Subscriptions: periodic emails may be sent out to your email provided during subscription. The user may have the action to unsubscribe at any point.

  9. Fees: There are NO associated fees with a subscription to this website.

  10. Our rights to use your will maintain your email address and name, and will never disperse your information to any third-party organizations.

  11. Rules about your content: this is a user-friendly website. Agreeing to the terms allows the website owner to remove any content they deem inappropriate. 

Updated: September 2020, Kyle Poehls

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