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@Tag-to-@Tag Contest

Beginning on October 1st, 2020, I will be hosting a one-month ONLY contest for 8 people to have the chance at winning a free LIMITED EDITION and SIGNED copy of my new book From Nicholas To Christmas which will be out starting November. See "Launch Time!!" Post for more information to how you may get an electronic copy for FREE.


1. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram (click on the links to go directly to them);

2. At the beginning of each week, I will post a picture like the one you see above;

3. When you see that post, tag as many people and/or share as often as you can to your personal social-media account(s) for that week;

4. For each person tagged, and for every time this post is shared during that specific week, it will count as an entry-ticket to a raffle which will happen on November 1st (HELPFUL TIP: Multiple tags and shares are HIGHLY recommended as it will greater your chances of winning). Again, EACH tag and share counts as one "ticket" to the raffle for that week;

5. The same rule applies for each new week until the the last day of October;

6. Finally, on November 1st, I will sort and tally all the tags and draw four tickets from each social-media site. Four winners from Facebook and four winners from Instagram will be announced that day, and will win the From Nicholas To Christmas Limited Edition book!

...Good luck to all!

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