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Why It's Fun to Write...

Where else can one create a world for not only yourself, but for many readers as well.

The best part is, as an author, you’re in a little more unique position than your readers. You are the one that's more deeply invested in that world, because it’s a necessity to writing your story. You may even find yourself living within it through most, if not all, of the writing (...which is a great thing).

My current book From Nicholas To Christmas was a great -and certainly blissful- opportunity to experience that effect. I had the privilege to enter into a world where fresh snowfalls dotted evergreen trees perfectly around, the ground was blanketed with pillows of soft, white snow, and the mountains filled up the horizon beautifully. This world also had its moments where I entered into the same town Nicholas visits in the book. It was magical to see it start as a dirty and unkind place, but eventually transforms to a bright and lovable one.

Several moments I actually felt like a resident of that town, and began to feel as they would when it went from bad to good. This is the power of imagination, and the powerful effect writing and creating your own world has on you and the reader.

From Nicholas To Christmas is the first full-length book I wrote and am currently publishing. I’ve dabbled with several short stories and poems in the past, but this book is one I hold dear to my heart. It was the creation of a life-altering event, which immediately became more invested into making it something real, and something to be remembered throughout history!

My Next Book

About 5-6 days of the week, I work out for about an hour, to an hour and a half, a day. During that time, I am ALWAYS creating and re-creating the world for my next book. The book's name?...The Night Misfit. No details about it...yet, but creating this world has been a ride to say the least.

For me, these workout sessions are a great way to make time go by quicker, but during those times of biking, swimming or running, I was building.also gave me the opportunity to build. Build a story, build characters, and build wonderful environments and surroundings to match where I want the book to go. But, more importantly, I was building the next world for the readers to visit. The easy part about creating this world is that it’s based on ACTUAL EVENTS. And though those events were extremely painful and frightening for me, there was this unusual comfort in creating this "world," by placing myself back into it in story-fashion.

To All the New Writers:

If you are someone who wants to truly write, you’ll likely read some books or articles along the way to help figure out how to actually write. If so, you will certainly come across ones that say "write the characters out first," while others may say "write the storyline first," and then there will be ones that say something completely different. I highly suggest reading these type of books as much as you can because you'll generate your own sense of writing style. My personal takeaway was to MAKE MY BOOK MY OWN WORLD.

As I would read these books and just write, I began to notice that these suggestions on how to write a story both ran parallel to one another and intersected at various places. I'd think of a storyline first, then characters second. Then I'd write the characters and their biographies first and the storyline second. Then...I'd even catch myself going back and forth until it seemed to magically iron itself out. By doing this, I began to see that "world" become more and more clearer.

So, what’s my suggestion to the new writers of the world:

1. Constantly create worlds of different lengths, styles and formats to your own liking;

2. Constantly fail (this part is the hardest and inevitable);

3. Recognize and learn from those failures;

and most importantly...

4. Just keep writing!

YOU are the artist who creates worlds with words.

Never forget that!

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